The Lifestyle Toolbox Blood Pressure Recorder is completely free of charge. If you find it useful we only ask you consider making a small donation to a heart related charity of your choice by way of thanks. We have provided a short list of suggested charities at the bottom of this page.

Use it daily with a blood pressure meter to keep check of what your blood pressure is doing. High Blood Pressure or Hypertension is very common and a major cause of premature death in the western world. If you are over 40 years old, you need to make sure you do not have it. If you do then you need to see a doctor for advice on how to treat it.

If you buy a blood pressure meter, take a measurement every day and use this recorder, not only will you see how you are faring but you can also print out a detailed report to give your doctor to help them, help you.


Please mouse over the icons below to see the screenshots:

Main Entry Screen
Report Screen


Minimum System Requirements: Windows XP,2000,ME,98SE, 500 Mhz Intel Pentium III or compatible processor, 128MB RAM, 10MB Hard Disk space. MAC not supported.

No registration required.

The download is available as the setup executable program which can be run directly from your browser. In cases where your home computer has a firewall or security restrictions that prevent you running setup programs in your browser, please download and save the zipped copy and then run the setup program inside the zip.

Please make your selection by clicking on the relevant icon below:

Download setup.exe
bprsetup.exe (7.0 MB)
This program may be downloaded and run directly to install the software.
Download (6.5 MB)
This file contains bprsetup.exe in a zipped file.

Please note: This software was scanned at time of production to ensure it does not contain any virus's, adware or spyware, to ensure the safety of your computer.


24th January 2007

A bug has been reported, on some computers, only January is shown as a selectable month in the calendar dropdown. We have isolated this problem and the above download installation programs now have have this problem resolved.

If you downloaded the program before 24th January 2007 and have this problem with the program, please just re-install the program as you did before. You will not lose any Readings/Measurements you have entered as only the program and not the data will be updated.


Lifestyle Toolbox provide this software free of charge as a memorial to Steve West of Bedford, England who died unexpectedly of a myocardial infarction on December 20th 2006.


Lifestyle Toolbox has no affiliation and does not represent any of the following charities. After researching their work we have included them here as suggested good causes, deserving charitable donation.

United States American Heart Association
United Kingdom British Heart Foundation
Canada The Heart and Stroke Foundation Canada
Australia Australian Heart Foundation
South Africa The Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa

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